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The face is the first thing people see – we want our clients to feel confident and proud of the way they look. After each treatment, we ensure that clients walk out of our studio feeling happy, relaxed, confident, and well-informed about what’s going on below the surface of their skin.






    Client Care

We are so excited to embark on your skincare journey with you!


Making you feel nurtured is my first goal. When you come to Deep Breath Beauty, it is all about you and your needs. Leave all your worries at the door so you can relax and fully enjoy.




Our goals include improving the circulation, tone, structure, texture, and overall health and vitality of the skin. To do this, we design custom programs to strengthen skin, promote collagen production and blood circulation, and increase lymphatic drainage. This gives skin the necessary coping mechanisms to resist external and internal damage. Many clients find that once they really start taking care of their skin, they don’t actually require more invasive techniques. Some clients even choose to stop wearing makeup because their skin is able to regain its youthful and natural glow.


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Your First Visit

Based on your skin analysis. We suggest you start your first facial as a customized facial Looking good and feeling great has become a necessity in our fast-paced society. We know this might be your first experience with a Spa and indeed could be your very first facial, Body scrub or massage. In knowing so, Deep Breath Beauty Spas have created a haven of tranquility for your rejuvenation. Let the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Deep Breath Beauty Spa introduce you to the best way to relieve stress and rejuvenate your mind and body – therapeutic massage! The professional staff is here to consult and help take care of your needs. You experience the luxury of being cared for by Certified Massage Therapists or Estheticians while gaining the great knowledge to better care for you.

Answer a few questions

Your esthetician will do a detailed analysis of your skin, listen to your skin goals, and design a handcrafted treatment just for you.

Enhance your routine

You won’t just leave with a glow—you’ll leave with a refreshed knowledge of your skin, ready to maintain your at-home routine with ease.

About Deep Breath Beauty Memberships

Get the most out of your time at a Deep Breath Beauty Spa with an exclusive spa membership. Our spa memberships allow you to enjoy all the benefits of Deep Breath Beauty massage, facial, and scrub services.Luxe Membership Treat your body and your mind every month with the Massage Luxe Membership. Our Luxe Membership package includes a 1-hour standard massage or a Luxe facial each month. Enjoy the added benefits our product discounts, unlimited Contact our spa to become a member.


FACIAL TREATMENT PACKAGE We have different types of facials for all skin types and tissue, we use confort zone in every single facial. Facials are a combination of different techniques and treatments to achieve a certain result like brightening or smoothing the skin. The benefits of Facials are stimulating the blood flow to aid the flow of oxygen, helps with dull, lifeless, and congested skin, redefining the texture of the skin, and making the skin look healthy.